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This web site is a compilation of the articles I have written and had published. After graduating with a degree in Enology from UC Davis in 1989, I noticed wine writers, with some exceptions, were telling only part of the story. Winemakers spoke to them in sound bites, afraid of being misquoted.

They oversimplified complex topics, perpetuating myths about old vines, low yields, wild yeast and fining and filtration. I investigated these topics with winemakers from California, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Tuscany, Chile and Argentina as well as enology professors and my findings were frequently at odds with the conventional wisdom. The myth that great wines are made from stressed vines is a good example. When a grapevine is under prolonged stress, it does not produce sugar, color or flavor – how can that be good?

By interviewing winemakers from around the world, I demonstrate that the complexity of issues defy generalizations. This is not to say I have found the ‘truth’ but have presented viewpoints of individuals with considerable winemaking experience and where possible, drawn conclusions.

Wine Course Seminar Classes Tasting Expert|New York New Jersey Westchester Fairfield NY NYC NJ CT|Jordan Ross

Riesling and Spice A common dilemma in paring food and wine is what wine to serve with spicy food.

Pinot Noir: The Agony and the Ecstasy Pinot Noir arouses more passion among wine drinkers than any other wine.

The Senses & the Psychology of Quality, Part II Experimental psychologists and neuroscientists agree that what we think of a wine depends on more than just what’s in the glass.

I have made these topics as understandable as possible to those without a science background. Nonetheless, it is impossible to make a complicated subject such as the relationship between vineyard yield and wine quality breezy and entertaining. My articles provide a bridge between the science of winemaking and grapegrowing and the reader looking to go beyond the superficial treatment of a subject.

Wine is immensely enjoyable. It is also a subject filled with beliefs and assumptions, some of which make little sense. I hope the reader looking to delve deeper into wine will find the information on this web site valuable.

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